Friday, May 06, 2005

getting it done

It's the irritations in life that prod us into action and achievement. The achievement may not be of any greater significance than a reduced ironing chore but damm! it feels good to get it over with. My achievement strategy is to set up a series of house rules and irritating little obstacles designed to encourage an activity to relieve the itch.
Ironing is a universal pain. When the laundry has been folded and stowed the ironing is the last chore and it's at this point my sadistic little strategy kicks in. The ironing board comes out and is set up in the middle of our family room between my favorite chair and the TV. To sit back and watch TV I either have to view through the board or stand at it. The rules of he game don't allow the board to go down until all the ironing is complete so I'm therefore faced with a very large obstacle between me and my comfort zone. Confronted with the choice of living with it or doing something about it - the ironing get done. Too easy!!

It works for me.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Canadian Courtesy Myths

Excuse me if I'm sounding a little snarly this a.m. but this is an issue which has been bugging me for quite some time. I'd like a little air time to let off steam, if you don't mind.
With the tourist season on the horizon, we smug Canucks had better rethink our reputation as a courteous people. It's time to polish up more than the "pleases and thank-yous". Look around you, folks and take notice of the slobs with their feet on the public transit seats. If you're one of these (%$#$^&'s) sit up and GET YOUR FEET OFF THE FURNITURE!!!! Damm, that's annoying.
Next issue, the magazine store. It isn't a reading library so don't get too relaxed or comfy whilst digging in for a good long read of whatever's new on the rack. Parents, don't let your kids sprawl out across the floor while they read the latest comic book. It's more than a question of safety it's also a matter of manners - Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Do you want to be that shop owner left with a rack of unsold magazines bearing gifts of untold germs from having been sneezed, coughed or drooled upon? Where were those fingers before they turned each page? Were they licked (all the better to grasp a page corner)? Did the bearer of those fingers remember to wash with soap and water after using the washroom? What about the coins received in the cafeteria? Were they recently retrieved from a stagnant puddle of indefinable something and then spent on a candy bara? Ever hear of cross contamination? I think I'll be carrying a box of anti-bacterial wipes with me wherever I go from now on.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm getting dangerous

First thing in the morning and I'm having to relearn everything I was told 2 weeks ago! Ah, well, may the Lord bless those patient souls surrounding me in a protective circle and guiding me through this maze of modern technology. Hang in there, beautiful sisters, your efforts are not in vain. Just remember, I come from a time when then greatest ambition Mother had for me was factory labor or hairdressing, neither of which I was suited for. Ineptitude was the key factor in my career choice ( I had to hide my shameful non-performance).

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Update on the Jenkins